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Regional Overview - 3

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Type and number of companies by region (Source: Medilink UK)


Statutory Telecare and Telehealth providers are excluded from these figures unless they provide a privately managed service option.

There is little data available for companies operating solely in the assisted living sector, with evidence of 11 companies involved in assisted living solutions.

Digital Communications

Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, has reported that during the last 10 years, the UK’s communications market has been totally transformed. Digital technology has

developed extremely quickly, and has changed the way that communications services work for consumers. It has also had a major impact on businesses and networks. For assisted living to take advantage of these rapid developments, a region must have an adequate digital communications infrastructure. Ofcom is now tasked with reporting on broadband take-up, speeds and availability, using data provided by communications providers.

The connectivity of a region has a direct impact upon the implementation and take-up of assisted living products and services. The UK Government aims
to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015 by providing all homes and businesses in the UK with access to at least 2Mbit/s broadband and that superfast broadband should be available to 90 per cent of people
in each local authority area. There will be a particular focus on making sure that people in remote, as well as urban areas, get good online access.

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