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Medilink West Midlands work with proactive, entrepreneurial Life Science companies to help them invest, grow and innovate. Industry-driven and industry-led, Medilink WM stimulates collaboration between the private and public sectors, optimises economic growth and commercial sustainability, and champions the interests of the Life Science industry in the UK and globally.

Alvolution, a division of Medilink WM are experts in electronic assistive technology and are passionate about helping people to live independently and confidently in their own home whilst potentially coping with changing healthcare needs or managing a long term condition. With a retail website and a suite of products that support the public, healthcare professionals and commissioners to make the best choices of technology for care, Alvolution are committed to giving people choices that will help them to maintain their independence when people most need it.

In collaboration with SEHTA, Medilink WM have used information identified from across the UK to produce regional reports - Assisted Living: Strengths and Opportunities, highlighting the current activity, best practice, key organisations and opportunities from each region.

For further information about Medilink WM or Alvolution please contact: 0121 452 5630 or visit

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